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A Perfect Law Dissertation is Viable

This article aims at helping those who are about to commence the hectic task of writing down a law dissertation. The problem with LLB dissertation is that they tend to be very complex and taxing. Such dissertations incorporate various sources of law including judicial precedence and other aspects of academic writing. Tending to journals, legislations, books and local laws is a vital component of such dissertations. Not to forget, you may be required to look at international law where necessary. The reason why law dissertations are one of the most difficult subjects is that the topic of law has multiple tiers and this combined with conflicting law case and necessary opinions is indeed very demanding. So apart from paying attention to such aspects, you need to recall many other things when writing a law dissertation.

Precision and lack of errors should be the norm

One of the most important things to keep in mind is that legal dissertations needs to be written with a great deal of accuracy, precision and the entire work must be totally devoid of any sort of discrepancies.

Each work requires its own massive research work

Never look at other dissertation for a second opinion because each and every dissertation is basically different and you would be required to build a solid research base. The research must be wide and comprehensive. If you are going to write a dissertation of 10,000 words or more, then you may be required to go through as many as 70 journals and books. One simple rule of carrying out research is that you should pay more attention to legal journals than books. Try giving the impression that you have looked at more than 30 case laws to convince your supervisor that you paid attention to the topic sufficiently.

Incorporate thinking, research and writing

Once you begin your project, you need to be aware that there are three core elements to writing an LLB dissertation – Thinking, research and writing. Do not consider these three elements separate but they influence each other to a great extent. Your thinking is of paramount importance as it directs your research and writing. Side-by-side, your research will also influence your thinking and assist you with writing. Writing on the other hand will help you develop the most suitable track to thinking and research. Hence, there elements apart from being mutually reinforcing are also interlinked in many ways.

So when you start writing down a law dissertation, keep all these three elements in mind as a dissertation without these core elements is incomplete.

Utilize your entire academic experience

The dissertation represents the degree you would be earning. Off course the degree represents all the courses you have read, the seminars you have attended and the discussions you have had with your colleagues and teachers. These are the experiences that will shape the way you have developed your skills. Hence when writing law dissertations, keep all these experiences in mind.

The last aspect that you need to focus on is that writing this LLB dissertation should not be a burden in any way. You have chosen this subject only because you were interested in it. The dissertation will allow you to write an independent piece of work that will reflect all your skills. It will focus on your interests and will be inclusive about you. Therefore, enjoy your research and writing.

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