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Duration of Earning a Law Degree

An LLB or Bachelor of Laws is a professional law degree that is awarded after completion of undergraduate education. A law degree is considered to be the most prestigious degree in UK and USA. That is the reason students in western countries pursue for law studies and take law as a promising future career. Hence the most asked question by students who want to achieve law degree is ‘how long will it take to earn law degree’ or the ‘the duration of a law degree.’ Generally, it takes three years to complete a law school after graduation. But the time period also depends on how early you pass the bar exam.

Bachelors Degree

There is no requirement of any particular bachelor’s degree by law schools. Students who did bachelors in any subject can go for law degree. Any bachelor’s degree is permissible for students who want to earn law degree. But there are some subjects who can better prepare students for law degree which are political science, criminal justice, history and philosophy.

LNAT Admission Test

After completion of bachelor’s degree, students are required to appear in LNAT or National Admissions Test for Law. LNAT test is adopted in 2004 by almost all law universities in UK. The admission in law schools depend on the score you attained in LNAT Test. The test is established by the Oxford University to solve the problem of increasing competition to get admission in law universities. Therefore, students must prepare for the test with diligence. The test preparation can be done during bachelor’s studies as it will save the time of students. Otherwise, after bachelors timing of test preparation will increase the time a student require in becoming a lawyer.

Law School

Law school is the final destination for students who long to earn a law degree. It is indeed a final phase of earning a law degree and it consists of three years program. The students unlike bachelor’s degree are not allowed to complete law according to their pace. They have to complete law during period of three years. There are few states in UK that allowed students to attend classes on part time basis. But majority of law universities in UK require students’ full attendance at school.

Bar Exams

Bar exams cannot be omitted from the entire period students take in becoming a lawyer. Since in UK law is a separated profession therefore, law graduates must have to pass examination to qualify for Barrister. These courses are mandatory for the training required by Bar Association and the Law Society. This process also takes a whole year after that law graduates must acquire Training Contract. In short, the whole duration to achieve law degree is comprised of 5 to 6 years.

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