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Terms and Conditions

LAW ESSAY HELP TREE is a legitimate online writing service that writes law essays, assignments, research papers, coursework, dissertations, etc. The academic assignments produced by the Company are only for the purposes of reference and research. Your use of our written papers and others services are subjected to the UK’s Copyright Laws and therefore prohibit you from commercial use.

LAW ESSAY HELP TREE doesn’t support any plagiarism act and strongly condemns it, as plagiarism is the violation of copyright. Any wrongdoing that causes plagiarism will be deemed a serious offence and handled as per the Copyright Act.

In order to provide services of research, writing, and/or assessment to complete the Client’s Order, the Company will assign a qualified and competent law writer, which it deems to hold higher levels of qualification with vast experience to start the Client’s Order

In case if the client is dissatisfied with anything in the completed draft, the client will have to inform the Company within One Week. LAW ESSAY HELP TREE will be responsible to revise the paper multiple times for free of any cost.

LAW ESSAY HELP TREE can issue a complete refund to the client when it considers it necessary. To understand the terms for claiming a refund, the client must review our ‘Refund Policy’ page.


LAW ESSAY WRITING HELP assures to deliver the law essays and other academic assignments within the time specified by the client. Once all the payment transactions are made, the completed paper is delivered to the client.

In case where it is unmanageable to deliver the final competed document within the client’s specified deadline, the Company will issue a complete refund to the client.

In case of negligence committed by the client, such as spam filters, incomplete details on the order form, LAW ESSAY HELP TREE will not be answerable for late delivery or any other problem aroused by the client, such as incomplete order details.

If the LAW ESSAY HELP TREE fails to send the final completed document within the client’s specified deadline owing to any sudden situation, the client can claim the refund and the Company will be responsible to issue the refund. However, to thoroughly understand the terms for refund claiming, the client must review our ‘Refund Policy’ page.

Once we deliver the finished document to you, we encourage you to go through it at your earliest and if there are any discrepancies get back to us within 48 hours with the document highlighting specific parts of the document that needs to be revised along with specific instructions mentioning what needs to be done. Failure to do so will void the refund completely. Read the refund policy.

We recommend students who use our service to take time and read the entire document thoroughly, adjust the language accordingly and add their own understanding of the task at hand before final submission. Marking is out of our scope of work. It’s entirely your teachers choice what to grade you.

Please note that revisions are part of the research writing process. You may find that your assignment is not done as you had expected in the first go that’s why we offer free revisions.


LAW ESSAY HELP TREE agrees to allocate a well-mannered Customer Support Representative who will carefully and thoroughly respond to the client’s issues and questions throughout the duration of the contract.

The Company agrees to provide 24/7 uninterrupted Customer Support Service to serve the valued clients more efficiently. Breech of Agreement If the Company’s ‘Terms and Conditions’ are violated by the client, LAW ESSAY WRITING HELP will consider this act as the ‘Breech of Agreement’

If the Company’s ‘Terms and Conditions’ are violated by the client, the Company has the authority to take firm measures: order cancellation, no refund, etc.


LAW ESSAY HELP TREE reserves the rights and power to update its ‘Terms & Conditions’ anytime, entirely or just a few clauses. The Clients will be updated by email if any changes are made.