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Tips for Writing a Perfect Law Essay

Writing a law essay is a tricky part of law studies as it is quite different from writing other essays. A law essay requires legal background and sound knowledge into the subject. The organization and structure of the essay is very important more than the research you have done. Because if your piece of writing does not have flow or your essay is represented in a haphazard fashion then it will not improve your grade. Hence, there are certain does and don’ts that must be followed when writing a law essay. Following are some tips and tricks that will guide you towards a perfect piece:

Be Clear – To begin with, it is important to read and understand the topic and question of your essay and be clear for what has been asked. This might sound very clear but this is the reason that low marks are given to students because they fail to answer the questions actually given.

Identify the Technique – This is very important when answering a question. At times the essay will ask you to reflect on something, evaluate or write a critique; discuss the impact of any case or judge a specific statement in a case. If you are asked to compare more than one theme, then you should first identify the differences and similarities between them, and idyllically reach a decision as to which one is more preferable. Therefore, if you are asked to discuss something then you should study and observe it from all perspectives, and reach your own conclusion.

Identify Subject Matter – At first, clarify the subject theme so that you can distinguish the law area being undertaken. At times, this will be apparent as when it is asked to differentiate between an invitation and an offer to treat, this will direct you towards Contract law. However, at times the question is more difficult to understand and this needs extra efforts in finding out what the topic is and may require examining more than one area of law. For example, if the question relates to terror laws, then this might cover constitutional law and human rights too.

Prepare the Structure – When writing a legal essay, it is extremely important to focus on its structure. For example, if your paper exceeds 4000 words then a table of content should be included. It is also appropriate to include chapter headings in your law essay since chapters are relevant where the answer spans a broad area of law and includes a number of different sections. This will also help both the reader and the writer to maintain their focus and understand what is being discussed. One main criticism of legal writing is that the writers discuss the topic without containing their perceptive views. In addition, every law paper should start with a focused introduction and end with an evocative conclusion.

Sources – It is very essential to ensure that the sources used in writing must be current. This is critical because sometimes questions involve impact of recent or even proposed changes in the law. Therefore, use of up-to-date sources is one of the most important elements for writing a law essay.

Citation – The writer should be well aware of the referencing style used in law essays. It is imperative to properly cite when quoting someone else’s work, or else the work is considered to be plagiarized. It is essential for the writers to include their own opinions and views based on thorough research and sound understanding of the law. Furthermore, use several resources and law cases that are illustrative and relevant. At last, do not forget to include a complete bibliography.

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